The wait is over…

New car! After almost six weeks of having one car for a family of four, today I drove off in my new Kia Soul. Love it. It’s super cute and I’m not ashamed to say I like new things. I’m sure the birds will christen it tonight and the kids will have it a pig sty by the end of the week… And that’s ok too. I’m just happy to have it!


Although the process of getting the car today was taxing… It was, unfortunately, nothing compared to the day my family in NY had. My uncle went in to have a tumor removed from his bladder and they confirmed it was malignant. So now we wait for biopsy results to determine course of treatment. This man is amazing and loving and so undeserving of yet another discouraging health issue. I’m sending extra love and prayers and will write more on this when I have more facts and my emotions are a little bit more in check.

This tumultuous day was almost a shock to the system after a really relaxing and lovely weekend with family. Friday was a holiday and ended up being a nice day at home. Saturday we were in Blanchisuesse with Blaine’s sister (&fam). Sunday Blaine’s brother (&fam) came over to celebrate their mom’s birthday (which was actually today – happy birthday Helen!).

Until there’s more…



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