Writing 101 challenge for Day Four was to write about a loss as part of a three part series. Day Five had a new subject/idea but the theme was to be brief so I’m sort of combining the two…

When I moved out of NY nine years ago, I was still in the continental U.S. I lived in L.A. For just under a year and then moved just outside of Washington D.C. For the three years I was living in Arlington, VA, I was home a good amount. When I wasn’t, home came to me. It was when I moved to Peru with my newly wed husband that I really started to miss New York and all that it meant to me. That was almost five and a half years ago (we live in Trinidad year… Going on four years now). So this series is about no longer living in NY and the “losses” that go along with that.

Top of my list… The hugs. My best friend in the world (Carla De Vito) loves hugs, God bless her. Life is all about balance. Carla and I have a million things in common and what we don’t balances our friendship. Our only perennial complaint is the distance between us. I have always admired her and she is and will forever be an inspiration to me. We keep in touch as best as our busy lives allow… Phone calls, texts, FB, Skype, thank you technology. But I miss her presence next to me in the car, or on the couch, or at the bar. And most of all, I miss her hugs.



P.S. Maybe that wasn’t very brief… Lol.


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