Three Songs…

Note: I joined the Writing 101 Challenge a week ago.  I haven’t posted anything to do with it as yet (that’s ok!) – so now I’m playing catch up. This week was super crazy and although I made time to write, I simply could not put any thought into the assignments.  Day One was write for 20 minutes, which I did in my personal journal; the twist was to post, which I did not. Skipping to the assignment for Day Three just for the heck of it.

There are more than three songs that have significant meaning for me. First three that come to mind…

Another One Bites the Dust – Queen.  This song reminds me of my cousin, Geoff, who is my big brother in all ways except shared parents. We fought, he teased, I tagged along and then we bonded.  And became friends.  When I was growing up, I always looked up to Geoff and I learned a ton about music (among other things) from him.  He was into Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and all things cool. He bought me my first G&R cassette tape!  One of the songs that has always stuck with me is Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.  Absurdly, I don’t know why.  In fact as I write this several songs come to mind for which I can pinpoint an actual location or fond memory with Geoff but Queen was the first one I thought of so that’s what I wrote about.

When You Kiss Me – Shania Twain.  My (our) wedding song.  My husband Blaine and I listened to this song over the phone, and I can still feel just how it felt to be falling in love… hinting towards wedding bells (him, not me!) and all that gushy, mushy stuff.  We dated long distance for over a year and even when we got married we were still living in separate countries (yes countries) so that’s why it was over the phone. We kept it for our wedding song… by the way our wedding was seriously so much fun for us.  Meaningful and momentous and FUN. That was almost six years ago and he still makes me happy in that mushy, gushy way.

Forever Young – Bob Dylan. My mom once told me she listened to this and thought of me. (Bob Dylan was/is her favorite)  When I took the time to listen to the words, I cried. Now that I have kids, I feel the significance of this even more. It’s not really the fact that many of us wish our kids didn’t grow up so quickly.  It’s more to be young at heart and free and just enjoy life.  Of course I want that for my kids and I know my mom wants that for me. So this is me… writing just because… enjoying every moment of life.  Love you Mom.



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