One person.

Most interesting person I’ve met this year… Hmmm. Ok I can think of a few… I’ll go with the most recent. Mariel Brown.

I knew quite a bit about Mariel before I actually met her. She happens to be a great friend of my friend Lisa – the designer I recently started working for. Mariel was also part of Lisa’s rebranding team which is why I knew about her before I knew her. She was not what I expected, though I cannot tell you now what I expected anymore. Mariel has this really ‘cool’ air about her. From her flamboyant language to her creative thoughts to her neat sense of humor, I could see why Lisa and Mariel had been friends for so long. She’s genuine and fun and super talented. Definitely the kind of “interesting” I like to be around.


P.S. I am my own critic… I don’t think I hit the mark on the Twist to make this a character study… But I’m posting anyway. Enjoying having specific topics to write about.


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