Happy Thanksgiving!

Day Ten Assignment: Write about your favorite childhood food that signifies celebration of some kind. Twist: write it in your own voice. Easy.

Lasagna. Although it took me a while to really enjoy lasagna, I got the hang of it early enough. Let me be clear. It’s not just any lasagna. In fact, I find store bought, restaurant, or any other non-home-made lasagna, pretty vile. My nana used to make lasagna three time a year: Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). When she couldn’t do it anymore, my uncle and cousin took over and they do a fine job. My family loves to comment on whether this year’s lasagna has too much salt, not enough cheese, too much cheese, etc. Not me. I always love it and when I moved away and couldn’t make it for one of the three lasagna holidays, there was always some in the freezer for me when I came home. Yum!!
My grandmother (and grandfather I guess) used to make the pasta from scratch… Italian style…everything was done by hand, no mixer, right on the kitchen table. So cool!
We always had a million different dishes to eat but lasagna was always first, so dinner didn’t start until it was ready. I was usually stuffed so I could only nibble on everything else. On these same three holidays, after dinner we would bust out the ancient trivial pursuit and play for hours – guys against girls… The guys always won. Lol! Warm memories.

The only thing better than lasagna? Leftover lasagna!


P.S. On a personal note: Aidan (my son) had first communion today. Lovely. Just read “The Fault in Our Stars” – beautiful. Spending a good amount of time thinking of my uncle and what the CAT scan will show (fingers crossed that the cancer didn’t spread). The book, World Cup, a Trinidad dish I made last week – all reminders of my loving uncle who doesn’t deserve the hand he’s been dealt… But who does??


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