Loss. Part 3: Lost & Found Again

Day Sixteen: Write about “Lost & Found” – (twist) Continue with the theme from Day Four .

Well… this series is based on what I have “lost” and “found” moving away to a foreign country. I will continue with that theme. But first, let me say that the term “Lost & Found” actually reminds me of school days. That was the original Lost & Found to me. Anyway…

Living in Trinidad can be… frustrating. Today I am using my cell phone’s hot spot for internet because we have had no internet/phone/TV all day and who knows when that will be fixed. Oh and the electricity went for a while too. These are not world crushing issues for me. But of course, it all happens the day my three year old daughter is sick (vomit & high fever) so my tolerance was a little low.

When I first moved to Trinidad, I was eight months pregnant, had just started getting into my stepmom role, and… oh yeah didn’t know anyone apart from my husband’s family & friends. No sweat. Except that my very first weekend we lost power for hours (welcome to T&T!) and so I did sweat, being pregnant and all in a million degrees with no a/c. Okay, no problem. Actually, bug problem. Yep – cockroaches & ants. The really really big cockroaches and really really tiny ants. Cleaned that up – so we’re good. Speaking of clean, several weeks into my stay, we had no water for a whole weekend – none. So I had to shower in the rain (very cool IF you don’t have an infant to bathe) and use bottled water for everything else. Fun. Driving was surprisingly NOT fun and don’t even get me started on the mosquitoes! To say my first few months in Trinidad were trying would be – accurate.

Somewhere along the way I lost my frustration with the lack of these things and found my sense of humor again. I had to get back to being me somewhere in the middle of all these new roles. I had to remember that I, being me, laugh at ridiculous, murphy’s law type circumstances. I had to find the part of me that has always been thankful for what I have. And so I did.

Four years later, I have lost the little grudge I was holding towards life and it’s wicked ways; and I have found the joy in my husband, kids, and all that I am blessed with in this grand life.




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