400. Words. Go.

Day Nineteen: Free writing exercise: 400 words. 

Let’s see. I have really enjoyed this writing challenge, even though I haven’t written every day. That’s OK because I am still writing way more than I used to. And the challenges I’ve missed are definitely on the back burner for days when I want to write but need a little push or direction. I also write in my handwritten journal (imagine that!) and I started keeping a kind of blog journal since Writing 101 started.  I just jot down ideas or the assignments or whatever is related to my new blog.  Fun.

What was NOT fun was lacking internet/TV/phone for four days. It’s back now – big smiles.  To be honest, if not for the World Cup I  wouldn’t have noticed the cable was out. BUT the World Cup IS happening and I had to find a way to stream it which is annoying because you have to find a site that is showing it and then it always has to buffer and blah blah blah. And the internet & phone is how I keep in touch with all my friends and family far far away. Okay, okay, four days is not the end of the world and I still had my iPhone.  So basically, I didn’t go into tech withdrawal. But I did go into family withdrawal a bit.  Because…

My uncle has bladder cancer.  Ive mentioned this.  He had a PET scan on Monday and met with his new (awesome) doctors on Tuesday.  He is having surgery on Monday to remove his bladder and a part of his small intestines. Remove. He is 69 with a grand-baby is on the way.  He’s a survivor.  He survived Vietnam.  He survived CML (a type of Leukemia fairly easy to treat).  He survived a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery.  He has bad kidneys and can’t have chemo & radiation without destroying them.  So of course, we all hope he “survives” this cancer and surgery as well.  And by survive, I mean the walking, talking , living, breathing fresh air, wits & sense of humor in tact, kind.

Yet here I am, 2215 miles away.  I won’t be there with my family Monday while my uncle undergoes his surgery.  I won’t be there next week while my aunt is in a hotel all week visiting him in the hospital.  I won’t be there to hug my cousin and his wife when they need an extra one.  And even if I go to visit this summer, I won’t be there through the two-three month recovery period.  It totally twists my heart but this is life.  More precisely, this is the life I chose.  As I write, my son is asking me a question and my daughter walks into the room.  Along with my husband, they are my reasons for being here.  My tears will just have to wait.


Sunset view from our deck.

Sunset view from our deck.



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