BFF: Best Friends Forever


As kids we used the term BFF to define our very best friend.  In middle school, we had key chains with broken hearts – the crack straight through the BFF.  The colored mirror kind with the letters engraved. In high school we moved on to jewelry – gold jewelry!  Forever.  What did we know about forever?  Best friends could see no end to their joint laughter and fun. Kids in love imagined fairy tales and dreamed of marriage and kids.  For the student who sadly ended his life, it was a black eternity.  Most of us could only see as far as tomorrow, or maybe a year into college.

At some point everyone stopped saying “BFF” and it became “Forever Friends” or whatever new version that meant the same thing but wasn’t as lame. (Eyes rolling)

And then one day, I realized MY best friend and I were using the term BFF again with such ease and confidence… just like our friendship.  We’ve been friends over 20 years – BFF almost as long.  I think back on how we became friends, our rocky roads, and ultimately our realization that this connection was truly something to hold on to.  A real “forever” friend. Maybe I still don’t know what forever means – maybe the term is better defined as Best Friends For-Life.  OR – Stealing the idea that Carrie Bradshaw so eloquently described – maybe our friends are our soul mates.  Yep, I agree with that one.  I guess that’s as forever as it gets.

Carla, my very best friend, will be here in Trinidad tonight.  It’s a short visit, only until Monday.  But I plan to treasure every moment – and thus probably not post much until after. =)

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Carla & Me in London

Carla & Me in London 2003


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