Free your feet…

I read a cool and simple post recently: Shoes Hide Our Personalities

When I was a kid, growing up in Deer Park, NY (that’s on Long Island), my cousin and I used to spend our summers barefoot.  Why not?!  We lived for flip flops but only put them on when we had to.  It’s a lot easier to run to the ice cream man barefoot! My grandfather used to yell at us in Italian: “Scarpe, Scarpe!!” (Shoes, Shoes!!) when we were running out the door.  We never listened.  I could never understand what the big deal was.  I later learned that growing up in Italy, poor kids had no shoes and it bothered him to see us barefoot for that reason.  Ok, sorry.  

Anyway, it was only a summer thing – 10 blissful weeks out of the year.  I love my cousin and I love those memories.  I hope our kids get to run through the backyard and out to Mr Softee barefoot, together… one day.  

Now I live in flip flops – called slippers here in Trinidad.  And I am the one yelling after my kids to put shoes on when they run out the door (not every time though). 


Emily's Footprints in Tobago

Emily’s Footprints in Tobago


2 thoughts on “Free your feet…

  1. I rarely wore anything on my feet unless we had to go somewhere. Now that I’m living in the states people either think I’m “doing the bohemian thing” or just plain crazy. If only they’d learn to let go a little bit. Love this post, takes me back to my years in Trinidad.

  2. My daughter and I share a love of bare feet and painted toes and flip flops if we must. Sadly, here in Texas the summer months are a bit too hot for bare feet on sidewalks and driveways, but spring and fall are just perfect! Love the footprints in the sand…

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