Step it Up.


Being a parent isn’t easy. Being a step-parent is a whole new kind of difficult.

My friend that just visited was talking with me about how you never realize what parenting is like until you are one.  No one can warn you or explain in words what it’s like. Yes, it’s a blessing and a miracle but it’s down right taxing and difficult too.  Sometimes it’s the hustle & bustle that make you physically tired; sometimes it’s teaching morals and principles that have you mentally exhausted.  As a step-mom, the emotional push and pull is – different.

I rarely speak about my son as my stepson unless it’s in context (like here).  As far as I am concerned, I have two kids – one I gave birth to, one I did not. However, the reality is there.  My son has two moms. He lives me and his dad.  His biological mom has been in the picture a bit more lately but there is no set structure as to when he will see her or speak to her.  When he is with her, he is king of the hill – no other siblings to share the attention with – and not nearly as much responsibility as when he’s home.  So of course, he loves it there.  But I get it… and here’s why. 

Oddly, I often think of an episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine” (which I hardly ever watched).  Christine was having a hard time with the fact that her son had more “fun” when he stayed with his dad.  At the end of the show, the dad said: “Yes, he calls my house the ‘fun house’, but you know what he calls your house? ‘Home’.”  Right there, that’s it.  This is Home.







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