Happy Birthday to me…

Today I stopped to smell the roses.  

Savannah Flowers 

Okay, so they aren’t roses.  And I didn’t actually smell them. But I did stop to admire (and photograph) these random, pretty flowers around the Savannah where I like to walk/run.  

Birthdays are good days to push a person into reflection.  I’ve been thinking (and reading) a lot about blogging and writing.  Mostly on WordPress.  Although I initially signed up for the Writing 201 challenge on WordPress.com, I haven’t participated outside of reading the challenge posts.  That’s ok, it’s got me thinking.  

While I keep this blog mostly for me, I also think social media in the form of blogging has it’s benefits.  I believe that we are all connected and how we treat one another is directly related to the way the world is.  This isn’t news.  I’m just restating beliefs of others because I agree.  So many times we read a post from someone we don’t know and feel like we know them.  Or read a piece written by someone we know, and learn something new about that person.  We feel moved, our hearts touched, an extra smile creeps out.  And the world is a better place.  So here’s my little gift to the universe… sending out positive thoughts today and always. =)




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