Bellini me…

Pick Your Potion

I love a good drink.  I really know how to enjoy my beverages.  Today’s Daily Prompt really brings back memories… all of my signature drinks throughout the years… no judging please! 

Captain & Coke (Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and Coca Cola) – was my drink of choice for Fire Island (which is part of Long Island, NY) – it was sweet and the caffeine in the soda gave me the energy to sustain all that (under-age) drinking.  I was hanging out with my cousin and his friends a lot back then – they are five & six years older than me… hmmm… maybe not the best example for a 19 year old – but I had a lot of fun!

Malibu & Pineapple (Malibu rum & pineapple juice) – makes me want to cringe now but it was sublime when I was downing them like water back in… well let’s just say I was no longer using fake ID.  

Cosmopolitan – SATC, yep I was am a huge fan of Sex and The City and all things fabulous. So naturally, I got into the whole Cosmo thing – much to the chagrin of my close friends whom I repeatedly spilled pink drinks on.  In my defense, we were in packed clubs, dancing, and I usually didn’t spill under after drink #2. Usually. 

Dirty Martini – very dirty.  Well after college, I decided I needed a more sophisticated drink and so I decided to “teach” myself how to drink a martini.  To do this, I started with very dirty martinis and gradually asked for them less dirty until I was able to have a vodka (preferably Belvedere or Grey Goose) martini straight up.  Yum. And classy! Too bad I had not “taught” myself how to hold my liquor!!  Oops. 

Vodka & Soda – When I moved to L.A., it was all the latest flavored vodka (grape, blueberry, etc) and soda.  That trend continued when I moved to D.C. but once again I decided I needed a more sophisticated drink.  Hello, I was single, living on my own, approaching 30 – you get the picture.  That’s when my best friend and I started drinking…

Champagne – which led to…

BELLINIS!! (technically champagne and peach puree but peach schnapps works in a pinch) – my all time favorite “signature” drink.  This fantastic delicious drink encouraged me to drink before 12!!  It is a preferred drink for brunch after all (mimosas just didn’t cut it).  While I enjoyed them in the evenings as well, I did curtail my morning drinking to weekends only.  And holidays. And vacations. Good thing I had a full time job! This drink was even the signature drink during the cocktail hour at my wedding.  That’s how much I like it.  

Alas, peach schnapps was not so easy to find in Peru & Trinidad and I was too lazy to make my own puree so a full on wine drinker I became.  And honestly once I was pregnant I steered clear of all the hard alcohol and it stuck well after I was done breastfeeding.  

These days you will likely see me with a glass of Prosecco during the day or red wine in the eveing (I save the rum & vodka for Trinidad’s carnival season).  In fact, I think I will enjoy a glass by the pool now… 


A sweet little place in Mancora, Peru. 2009.


Daily Prompt: Pick Your Potion


One thought on “Bellini me…

  1. Bacardi Black Pina Colada’s on the beach. Chivas on the rocks at dinner. Prosecco for all things festive and my husbands margaritas (rocks, salt) any time! Great list!

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