When life throws you a curve ball…

Go for the Grand Slam.

A few weeks ago, when I signed up for Blogging 101 AND Writing 101, I had envisioned a very ambitious lifestyle for myself.  Once the kids were settled back into school, I had planned out a varied and consistent exercise program including 10k training, yoga, cross fit, etc.  I intended to write with as much spare time as possible and focus on work more.  The universe had other plans for me.

The first week of September, the kids went back to school and I started my super plan.  I was exhausted.  I was practically falling asleep at the wheel!  I thought, “Am I really THAT our of shape?”  And then, “Oh, PMS is really kicking my butt this month.”  And finally, “Um, when WAS my last period?”  You see where this is going…

That Friday, after chatting with my husband, I took THE test.  Yep, you guessed it, Pregnant! 

Now, of course, if you are not taking precautions, it should not be a surprise.  HOWEVER, about a year ago my husband and I decided to “see what happens.”  After a while I got over the little tug of disappointment each month, the slightest tinge of envy seeing friends with new babies, the thought of life with three kids instead of two.  I knew all along that my life was already very blessed and life only gives you as much as you can handle.  So I changed my perspective, accepted things as is, planned to go back on birth control – in September (part of those big plans I mentioned earlier – haha!)

So here we are, expecting another.  As I approach my 8th week, I am filled with so many mixed emotions. I am past the shock, I am somewhere between wow, we are truly so blessed (sob) and holy moly, we are having another baby!!! 

My son is almost 11, my daughter is 4.  They are excited which puts an extra smile on my face and ease in my heart.  Exciting new adventures on the horizon.



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