If I don’t write I will burst.

The hiatus is over.

After a month of no blog posts, no journal entries, only endless lists upon lists, my brain is on ‘unused vocabulary’ overload.  My head is filled with big words, of which I probably don’t know the true meaning.  (Don’t expect to find them here though!)

My pregnancy, work, catching up with family… getting ready for the holiday season.  All good things keeping me busy.


Here in Trinidad, since there is not a late November holiday (like Thanksgiving) they are ready for Christmas from November 1!  Many families put up their tree and decorations early and Christmas is very big here both commercially and religiously.  So our “Elf on the Shelf” came out a few days ago – the first for our family.  The kids are loving it! And we put up our tree Saturday – after 12 hours of no electricity…

Our power outage started around 2 or 3 in the morning.  After my initial annoyance in the morning (and a trip to the grocery to cool off both physically and mentally), I came home and called the electric company later in the morning.  They advised that the transformer (or circuit – something technical) needed replacing but that the pole the workers needed to access had bees.  Yes, bees.  And the person (“the guy” – maybe there is only one in Trinidad who works on Saturdays) was busy handling another job but our pole was next to treat.  Power was restored around 3 in the afternoon.  Oddly, I really wasn’t bothered for the most part. Laundry was delayed and we couldn’t check to see if the Christmas lights worked but overall we had a very pleasant day.  Maybe I am just getting used to the third world. In fact our power went again on Sunday for about two hours – much more reasonable – and it didn’t even phase me.

I digress.  The house is looking festive and I feel pretty organized for Christmas this year.  Maybe the nesting qualities of pregnancy have helped with that a bit – I can’t seem to open a drawer without feeling a strong need to reorganize it. Also, we have a surprise trip for the kids coming up in December – excitement!!  More on that another day.

It’s a lovely time of year with much to be thankful for.  While I am actually pretty good at thanking my lucky stars daily, it’s a good time to be extra thankful for all of our blessings.



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