Thanks & Giving!

This one is for you mom.

My recent FB post…

Pre-Thanksgiving THANKS: I am thankful for my friends and family, near and far, who have touched my heart and made joy possible in my life. Love you. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a lovely holiday season. xo

And now it’s Thanksgiving! Not here in Trinidad & Tobago of course, but my husband took the day off to roast a turkey and I will make my family lasagne.

Thanksgiving is one of the things I will always miss most about “back home”. It’s my favorite holiday because it’s the only holiday that’s not about exchanging gifts or religious beliefs. It’s truly just about family and friends getting together and being grateful for all that we have.

My memories include helping my Nana make the pasta for the lasagna from scratch, my uncle in the kitchen ALL day, eating beef cutlets before dinner (I don’t know how there were ever any left for the table), squeezing into my aunts dining room (there wasn’t an inch to move unless you were at the end!), always filling up on the lasagna first and basically picking at the food the rest of the day, Italian pastries and Trivial Pursuit… No matter how many versions of that game we acquired, we always went back to the original version… And the guys always won, except once, though they will swear we cheated (we didn’t!).

One year my uncle was in the hospital. We brought him a turkey leg (his favorite) and Trivial Pursuit. He won that time too.

Even if I didn’t have a million things to be thankful for today, I would still be grateful just for all those cherished memories.  The kids have school today, but I’m looking forward to making new memories in the kitchen and enjoying a lovely dinner with family.

Whether you celebrate or not, wishing all a beautiful day!


P.S. How could I forget to mention Arlo Guthrie’s ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ and American Football!!


One thought on “Thanks & Giving!

  1. I sit here tonight, it’s around 6pm and Jules is taking a nap, unusual for her at this time. I am taking this moment to catch up on emails and such and just saw the post on your other blog that you have started another blog….haha. I love it. I’ve always said it and will say it again, your writing is always entertaining. I love to read about the daily happenings and thoughts. You have some wonderful insights and poignant anecdotes that never fail to put a smile on my face. I understand the feeling to write. It comes from deep within the soul and if you don’t let it out you DO feel like you will burst. To me it comes in several forms. Whether it is drawing, photography, writing, or crafts. These are the things I love to do and that keep me sane. So keep the writing coming……love you lots, much hugs and kisses, Laura

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