More reflection.  As we come off the high of our amazing trip to Disney World, we head right into the Christmas confusion and excitement.  The trip was amazing, spectacular, magical – all the fun adjectives you associate with Disney.  Christmas with kids is just wonderful.  I am overjoyed this year to be blessed with a baby on the way.  Thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The day of my last post, I received sad news.  A friend who was due two weeks after me lost her baby.  I cried for her.  Correction: I sobbed.  This morning I couldn’t help shedding quite a few tears as I thought of my sister – less than a year ago, she lost her only daughter.  This is the first Christmas she will experience without my niece.  And although she is blessed to have three sons and a gorgeous granddaughter (my niece’s) I can’t help but grieve for her still.  I’m sure we all know a friend or a few going through difficult times…

I realize it’s all a part of life.  People lose friends and family.  All the more reason to be grateful everyday for the life you have been given.  Send some extra love this season, give someone an extra hug, think peaceful thoughts.

Merry Christmas.

Mickey Christmas




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