Well, mostly.


We spent a week in Blanchisseuse after Christmas.  For those unfamiliar with Trinidad & Tobago geography, Blanchisseuse is located on the north coast of Trinidad, is mainly residential, and has spectacular views.  Some people live there year round.  Others own, but rent their houses to people like us that need to get away.

Everyone we spoke to prior had only great things to say about the house.  Still, it’s Trinidad. Beauty is generally a given. Comfort, not so much.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was delightfully surprised…

IMG_9469 IMG_9580

The view was amazing.  The house was basic but comfortable.  This time of year, the ocean breeze is strong and refreshing (so the fact that the bedrooms do not have AC did not even phase me).  From the moment I walked onto the deck, I knew we had made the right choice, and that we would stay here again (which we are – for Easter).

As is typical in a “beach” house, there were no TV’s, no wi-fi. you get the picture.  Just fun in the sun.  Of course, even in Trinidad you can get cell phone service just about anywhere – so the family was able to check in on work issues or emails but it was kept to a minimum.  We were there for three days before my daughter (4 & a half) said, “Mom, there are no TV’s here!”


It was a great week to decompress, let your worries lodge at the back of your brain, and reconnect with family.

The perfect place to fall in love with life, my husband, and my kids all over again.


My version of serenity… Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

IMG_2769 IMG_9459




2 thoughts on “Unplugged.

  1. Hi, the house you stayed atin blanchisseuse is absolutely gorgeous. Is it for rent? If so, are there any details you can give me? I would love to take my family there. Thanks.

  2. Hi! I randomly came across your blog and saw your post about blanchisseuse…I was wondering if I can get a contact for the beach house you stayed at?

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