Magical Mondays.

On the advice of our WP friends in Blogging 101 (create a new posting feature) and Blogging 201 (set three goals), I have decided on Magical Mondays which will contribute to my first goal to post twice a week…


Botanical Gardens – Trinidad & Tobago

Magical Monday.

What better way to start off the week than with an uplifting post (or just a post)??  Mondays are my least favorite day of the week, more so when I am in complete denial on Sunday night that we all have to get up the next day.

I miss running.  I tried to run at the start of my pregnancy but felt like I was going to have heat stroke (not the best feeling when you’re not incubating a being, so you can imagine).  I took it down a notch and walked for a couple of weeks but walking for exercise is not my thing unless it’s a social event.  It takes too long!

Without enough motivation, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing in fitness arena for the past several months… it’s well past time to get back into it.  A couple of weeks ago I walked with a friend (social!) and then today I dragged my pregnant bum out of bed and made a commitment to walk.  I started with getting dressed to exercise – an easy first step.  Then messaged my friend to meet me if she was free – not as easy as it seems b/c that’s committing to the task!  Finally, even though I went it alone, I powered through and enjoyed the walk through the Botanical Gardens.

While I walked I thought about my writing.  On a positive note, I have been writing more.  It’s mainly in my writing journal, and I haven’t found a consistent schedule as yet, but the words are making their way to paper.  I’m happy about that.  It’s therapeutic even if it’s nonsense.  My thoughts today led me to the idea of posting here each week on Monday – as a way to start off the week on a good note, a way to get me blogging at least each week, and maybe as a way to brighten your Monday as well.

So my three goals for Blogging 201 are:

Post to my blog at least twice a week.

Comment on five posts each week for February – this may be increased in March and so on and/or become more specific – like only new sites, or on a specific topic.

Improve on the quality of my writing/blogging – this one is a bit general but I will tweak it to be more specific as I think about it some more.

Happy Monday!  Hope you have a great week!!



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