Mild Monday…

My Monday Musings…

While fighting off a cold (not the flu thankfully!) I’ve had time to read, reflect, and rest. The last one being the hardest for me; I always feel like I should be doing something else.  On reflection, here’s a little something from my old Tumblr blog (since I don’t feel to write anything new today – blame the cold).


December 2, 2011

Images of myself…

It’s funny how you see yourself in your children.  When I look at pictures of myself as a baby, I see Emily – totally.  And when I put Emily in some of my baby clothes… well, I see myself.  It’s not just pictures of course.  It’s attitude.  Emily smiles ALOT (more than she cries really, though you may not know it from my stories – haha!).  That reminds me of myself too.  Her independent nature and stubbornness could be from mom OR dad!

Aidan and I have plenty of differences, but the similarities are probably more astonishing to me.  Well, we all know HE smiles ALOT too.  But beyond that, I see traits in him that I can recognize in myself from back when (or now).  Scary?  A little! Comforting?  Absolutely! =)


Emily in my old toddler dress…




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