J’ouvert Mornin’

Carnival in Trinidad.

It starts with the fetes… (which I easily avoided due to my pregnant belly).  The music starts to surface. There is a vibe in the air you can’t escape.  As you approach Carnival weekend, several events may be part of your agenda (Machel Monday, Tuesday on the Rocks, etc).  By Bacchanale Wednesday, even if you have managed to ignore your surroundings thus far, the charged atmosphere in the country is unavoidable.

Our kids had their “jump ups” at school on Wednesday and Thursday (kind of like a fun dance party).  I had opted out of every fete and celebration.  By Thursday, I could hold out no longer.  Fantastic Friday, possibly the best day leading up to the infamous Carnival Monday & Tuesday, hosts a fete that I simply love – and finally decided I could not miss!  So after a busy and exciting week with the kids, I brought the boy in my belly to Bayview, my favorite fete, and limed with friends & family for a good eight hours. (I will admit I wasn’t sure how long I would last without my normal choice of Prosecco or rum, but I had just as much fun with water as my drink of choice). We then dragged our bums out of bed Saturday morning so the kids could play kiddies carnival with their friends!

Junior Parade of Bands (Kiddies' Carnival)

Junior Parade of Bands (Kiddies’ Carnival)

Some people take the weekend to get ready for Monday & Tuesday, some party straight through. Either way, once you’re revved up, there’s no turning back.  The excitement spills over and it’s impossible not to smile & laugh with friends (and move your hips of course!).  As I write this, J’ouvert morning is winding down… my husband will be chipping along the road heading back to their starting point.  The lime, the steel pan, the rum, the mud, the paint (or cocoa, or clay) – it all comes together J’ouvert morning, traditionally known as dirty mas, the final affair preceding “pretty mas” which takes place Monday from midday and Tuesday ALL day when all the creative and stunning costumes make their way across the stage and onto the road.

Just another reason to be thankful my journey has brought me to this beautiful country.  It suits me.


2014 J'ouvert with my husband and brother-in-law.

2014 J’ouvert with my husband and brother-in-law.

“Ah new day dawnin, in fetein callin No time fuh stallin, let’s go, let’s go! Wake up everyone who sleepin, meet Me on de roadddd, New inspiration, no contemplation, Deliberation, let’s go, let’s go! Wake up everyone who sleepin, meet Me on de roadddd.” … RAZEEEEEEEEE (by Fay Ann Lyons)


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