Poetry in Motion: Water

I have always felt that the art of poetry is similar to ballet & opera in that you either love it, or don’t understand it.  I’m of the latter when it comes to poetry.  I like it and I even have a few books of poetry but I’ve never been able to immerse my self into any form of the art (apart from music).  Mostly I read poetry as assignments in school and if I have EVER written anything remotely close to poetry, it was in high school for homework.

So when this new Writing 201: Poetry challenge came up, I snatched the opportunity for a great, zero pressure, challenge.  I may post ten related pieces in the next two weeks or this may be my first and last.  Regardless, I have committed to myself to use my writing journal (a place I frequent often these days) for this course.

Our first assignment – water, haiku, simile.

Like flowing water
Words spill out to form ideas
A new post is born

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