As I have mentioned I am a complete novice when it comes to poetry – writing AND reading. I have always admired those that can recall and recite poetry from memory.  I am intrigued by people who have favorite poetry authors. I can recognize writers and their works but to remember them – I guess nothing ever struck a chord quite enough to be imprinted on memory.  Plus I have a terrible memory. 😉

That said, when asked to share a poem that speaks to me or moves me, I thought of Jewel: a night without armor.  (Go ahead, get your laughs in now.)  It was the 90’s, I was in college, I fell in love with her album Pieces of You and listened to it incessantly.  When her book of “poems” came out I was curious.  It’s not conventional, nor does it get very good reviews.  Regardless, I liked it then, and I even like some of it now.  Here is one…

I Don’t Suppose Raindrops

I don’t suppose raindrops
will ever replace
the sound of small feet

nor sunflowers
their tiny crowns

All the dust has gathered itself
and settled on
your heart
and there is no correct combination

no key

no question

that will deliver them
once more
to your side

for she has already decided:

no answers will
be given

– Jewel Kilcher

One of the things I love about poetry is that no matter what the author intended, you can interpret the writing to your own needs, mood, life circumstances, whatever.  I will admit I think it’s cool to know what the writer was thinking or to find out the true meaning behind a written work.  

This one reminds me of two things: our children growing up so fast, the passage of time is sometimes our enemy; and the loss of a child for which their are never answers to our endless questions.


My daughter’s footsteps at 16 months.



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