Poetry – Let’s catch up.

Catching up on some of the ‘Writing 201: Poetry’ assignments… respectively, Day 7, Day 6, & Day 3.


My fingers dial the numbers; more often they type the words. A thumb to swipe, all ten to type. Phone calls and text messages, my life lines to “back home.” Truths, quips, greetings.  Always to friends and family far away, so very far away.  Blessed though I am, nostalgic feelings cannot be replaced.  Call. Write. Email. Text. Brighten a day.

Fingers : Prose Poem : Assonance 


Be Your Own Hero

Was it Wonder Woman,
with her invisible plane?
You looked up to her but then,
she left you waiting in vain.
Was it the other mother,
you saw in the mall?
Work, PTA, Supermom. That one,
she can’t do it all.
Was it the reflection you saw,
in the mirror today?
You can be your own hero,
no matter what they say.

Hero(ine) : Ballad : Anaphora/Epistrophe


Mark the date,

A leap of faith.

Recite your vows, now.

Rejoice in one another.

I must trust to feel…

A love above all else.”

Groom and bride, together they grow;

Everlasting happiness, they will know.

Trust : Acrostic : Internal Rhyme


Wishing everyone a super Tuesday & many poetic days to ahead. 😉



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