Home is where the heart is.  When your heart is split in two (or more) you call more than one place home.

For me, home is Trinidad & Tobago, in this lovely house with my husband and kids.  It took a while to acclimate but it feels good to be here and I’m happy my heart has found a place in this beautiful country.

Home is also New York, where I grew up and where my mom still resides (picture below).  My first 28 years of life were spent in NY and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Some of my best and dearest memories occurred In the city and suburbs, where my closest family & friends still live.

Mom's snowy backyard. "Home"

Aidan in my mom’s snowy backyard. “Home”

I moved out of NY at age 28, and have had the opportunity to live in L.A., the D.C. area, and Lima, Peru before ending up in Trinidad.  In all these places I met amazing people who became dear friends, some of which I am lucky to still keep in touch with – they made a world of difference.  I felt comfortable, happy, content even – but not grounded.  Home was still NY.

It was while living away that I took a trip with my uncle to Trinidad – where he was born and spent many years of his early life.  I had grown to know the invigorating feeling of touching down on the runway in NY or driving over the bridge headed home. Upon landing in Trinidad, I asked my uncle, “Is this coming home for you?” He replied simply, “Yes.”

And so it will always be.  We choose where to live and how to live.  But our hearts become attached with no regard for logic or sense.  Home is where the heart is.



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