Luck of the Irish & pregnancy antics.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m 25% Irish and today I will attribute my good fortune to “The Luck of the Irish.”


Six weeks to go… The countdown has begun. While I’m still comfortable most of the day, I’m too tired to relish that fact. As life would have it though, I don’t live in a pregnancy bubble. So with the kids finishing their second school term, activities winding down, class parties, and Easter on the horizon, the days are busy and time is not my friend. BUT I can still remember to enjoy the blessings of these last days of pregnancy.

I recall when my first was born… those initial days (weeks) of living on sleep depravation… the nostalgia I felt for my pregnancy days was strong.  Before this miracle comes into the world, the possibilities of who they are are limitless.  Whether they move around all day long, or you have to nudge them to feel a little kick, they are alive in your imagination.  You have pre-determined their likes & dislikes based on their movements.  You whisper to them to comfort them, call them by name maybe.  Hands on belly, life in these moments is blissful; it’s important to cherish them.

Because then they come into the world.  Those cute and cuddly photos you post – that’s for your friends & family to ooh and aah over, while you deal with the reality of… a newborn.  Screaming, pooping, ever hungry infants leave you wondering, “Where is that sweet human that was growing inside me?  The one that use to give me love nudges in the night and put his hand to mine on my belly…”  Like I said, they exist in your imagination, so enjoy the fantasy.

In the end, it’s all worth it of course.  Maternal mushiness prevails along the way – we love our children more than words can ever convey.  And we power through those initial days and weeks of exhaustion with the knowledge that this too shall pass.  For now though, I’ll take my six weeks of fairy tale, thank you very much.  And each time my son whispers to my belly, “I can’t wait to meet you,” I will gently say, “Shhhh, yes you can.”




3 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish & pregnancy antics.

  1. Loved this Adrienne! This was my first post of yours that I read and I can SO relate. I love the “yes you can” bit, because boy oh boy, can I wait!

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