Simple Truths.

There is now a full grown baby IN my belly.  Let me be honest… the miracle of life IS fascinating.  It’s also uncomfortable.

After I count my blessings, I count the days until my due date.  I’m grateful and lucky.  I’m also big, tired, and impatient.

We spent another lovely weekend up in Blanchisseusse and the kids are still off from school until next week.  So I’ve had time to rest, take it easy, and catch up on stuff at home. Sounds like the perfect setting for a writing melee but alas I have spent my time on other things – like organizing my photos, sorting my digital music, and sleeping.

Easter was cute – the “Easter Bunny” paid us a visit all the way on the north coast, leaving treats and eggs to find.  The kids had fun with that (even the non-believers)!  Love.

I’m usually extremely good about living in the present and not rushing time away.  Today, however, I am just looking forward to meeting my new little man, the day I can go for a nice long run (yes I actually miss running!), and having a fun (though probably sleep deprived) spring & summer with our Trini family & friends.

All good things on the horizon.  I wish the same for you.




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