Originally I was going to post about the ALL-consuming thoughts of a pregnant woman.  Pregnancy. Birth. Babies. Pregnancy. Birth. Babies.  It may be perfectly normal to think of nothing else, but it’s not my cup of tea.  Yesterday, a bunch of lovely women gave me something else to think and talk about.  Friendship.

Throughout life many friends come and go.  Good friends that you lose touch with, not-so-good friends you are glad to drift apart from, fun friends to share good times with.  They all pop into your life for one reason or another – a lending hand, a moment shared, a laugh or a cry.

Making new friends is actually not that difficult for me.  (If it were, I’m sure I would have packed up and moved home to NY long ago).  I like meeting new people and I’m open to new relationships.  I do my best to be a good friend.  I have a lot of love for the people close to me – to see them happy, lifts me up.  If I can contribute to their happiness in any way, all the better.

I have always had a hard time with losing touch with close friends.  Even in this technological age, it’s impossible to remain in contact with every friend you’ve ever had.  Facebook is nice to have out there, to know that a long lost friend is doing well, to keep up with loved ones’ lives when they are so far away.  But there is nothing better than a phone call from a best friend or a visit with family.  Those that stick bring us through life…the family members you are friends with, the spouse you can confide in, the best friend who is always by your side, the new & old friends that touch your heart in surprising ways.

“Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world.”

Ok, so I have been in Trinidad almost five years and there are several people I can now call “friend”.  I don’t rely on my husband for every good time (though he is still at the top of my “favorite people to spend time with” list!), I don’t hesitate to chat out my problems with my in-laws, and I don’t cry every day because I’m not sharing in the lives of my family & friends far away (although this is by far the hardest part of living abroad). There is something in that moment when you realize the people you care about, care for you back.  Small things – a heartfelt card, a text to see how you are, a warm hug, OR bigger things – a shoulder to cry on, advice when you need it most, a shared secret.  Sometimes it’s a thoughtful gift – a little something that’s just perfect, a big something you weren’t expecting.


Yesterday was one of those moments.  A surprise baby shower – totally unexpected because (a) it’s not my first pregnancy and (b) who has time to organize such a thing for ME.  I can’t help it; I’m always surprised and amazed when something nice is done for the sole purpose of putting a smile on my face.  I managed not to cry but the thoughtfulness and heart-warming energy do bring tears to my eyes.  A big thanks to the group of women that make living here easier, that bring joy to my life, that care.  I love you back.



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