On Love.

I have maybe ten minutes of “me” time… so here goes:

On Love.

Unconditional. Heartbreaking. Gut-wrenching. Love.

Love is like the universe.  It’s limitless. It’s impossible to fathom or truly put into words.

If you were lucky to grow up in a loving family (as I was) you learn about unconditional love early on. There is always a bubble of love surrounding you – made up of the love you share with your family.  As you get a little older, this love bubble starts to expand to include good friends you’ve made, perhaps a boyfriend/girlfriend or two.  You meet new people and you find that you have space for them, not only in your life, but in your heart.

Maybe you “fall in love”, get married (or don’t), and think “this is the most incredible feeling in the world – what we have could not match any other love or ever be broken.”  In fact, you may love this partner so much, you willingly accept and love their family, even take on a stepchild whom you grow to love more than you thought was possible.

Then one day maybe you have a child of your own.  You experience a love like no other.  You finally really understand how your parents feel.  This love is inexplicable.  It is the most powerful emotion you have ever experienced.  And you may even think, “that’s it – there is simply no more love to give – no more space in my ‘heart’ to love anyone else.”

Until you do.

A new friend. Another child. It turns out there is no limit to how much love you can give.  The more love you know, the more love you are able to share.  Your love bubble grows infinitely.  It’s boundless, just like the universe.

I am a sucker for a good love story.  Maybe because my life has been just that – a story of love.

– Adrienne


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