The post you’ve been waiting for…

Yes, I generally have a positive outlook.  I do try to see the good in all situations.  I tend to be a “nice”person.  And I’m ever the optimist.  But one thing I do NOT have is patience.

A few things that make my blood boil:

Inconsiderate drivers. I would like to meet the person who is not annoyed by these people.  I’m not talking about “bad” drivers (although some may fall into both categories), those people I actually feel sorry for.  I’m talking about the ones who feel the road belongs to them and to hell with the rest of us.  They cut you off; they don’t let you in front of them; they never say thank you.  When you come to a point in the road where only one car can pass (almost every road in Trinidad!), these drivers will come at you and make you reverse while “cussing” you – even though you have the right of way.  It makes me crazy. To be honest, inconsideration in any facet of life drives me batty!

Technology that doesn’t work. OMG! The amount of times I have wanted to pitch my computer/phone/tablet/DVR/Xbox… When something doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, I usually take the time to research the problem and figure out how to fix it.  Unfortunately, this sometimes takes hours (which I can almost deal with) and yet the issue is still not resolved (this I can NOT handle).  To make matters worse, I’m usually trying to get something done quickly so I don’t have TIME for this nonsense – WHO DOES??!! OK, yes, I am a bit of a procrastinator – but still – if my photos are supposed to download automatically, then THEY SHOULD DO THAT.  If I have not changed a single setting, then my back up drive should not just STOP WORKING. And what about… trying to send a text but something is up with the network, or trying to send an email and the mail server is not responding, or trying to look up something online and the internet is SO SLOW it’s like we went back in time and now have a dial-up connection again! [Sigh] Anyway….

My kids.  I love them but there is nothing that unravels your calm like a screaming newborn in the back seat.  And a four year old trying to sing louder than the screaming baby.  And an eleven year old yelling at the four year old to stop singing.  Forget about chatting to your passenger, or answering the call coming in, or even thinking sanely in any way.  By the end of a car ride like that, two (or more) are crying or hysterical, mean things have been said (probably by me), everyone needs a vacation.  That’s just the fifteen minutes it takes to get to or from school.  Hit some traffic and I am just about ready to be committed.  While they may bring out the best in me, they most certainly bring out the WORST in me as well!

That’s just the last 24 hours.  I won’t even start on the disorganization of some government offices or the disrespectful people working in them or those days when every little thing just goes wrong and you want to cry or hide or scream or all of the above.

There you go.  I’m not ALL cupcakes and marshmallows.  =)

Of course, these daily frustrations are not only what makes us human, they give us opportunities to take a step back and realize that it is OK to sweat the small stuff sometimes…as long as you can reel yourself back in and be thankful for all that you have in this world. And smile. Always smile. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself…)


So what makes YOU want to check yourself into the closest asylum?  Do share.



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