At 3:00 in the morning, all is quiet, except in my mind…

My 3:00 A.M. pondering:

I always do this. I think I have plenty of time. I don’t have any time.

I am the first to agree that being a mom is a full time job in and of itself. Especially as a stay at home mom of three (including an infant), with a housekeeper only two days a week, living in a country that has no school bus system, with kids in different schools so pick up and drop off times are varied, and after school activities scattered.
And yet, on Sunday I can look at my week and think… Wide open schedule. My never ending, ever growing to do list is going to be cut in half for sure! Earth to Adrienne…
While nothing is impossible, that comes pretty close. My totally free mornings are spent tidying/cleaning/washing, I live driving my kids around, oh yeah and I have a 12 week old. So Newsflash: caring for a baby is time consuming! Duh!!! How is it
Thursday already and I feel like I’ve done nothing I set out to do since Monday.
Here’s the plus side… I actually don’t mind at all. Although my brain tries to trick me into thinking I have all the time in the world, I’m not truly disappointed that I don’t. Because, you see, I’m lucky. I’m home caring for my 12 week old so I get to see all his new smiles and hear his loving coos. I’m giggling with my four year old daughter while we get ready for bed. I’m chatting with my 11 year old about anything and everything while we sit in traffic. These are the things I think of when I’m hustling to get the house clean or make dinner or return phone calls. And that’s what keeps me smiling. ☺️😊
I managed to steal a few minutes away to write this so that’s saying something, never mind the bulk of it is being written at 3 am … and that’s another thing! My little man is not sleeping through the night (which is fine!) and here I can’t get back to sleep after his middle of the night feed. That’s slightly incredibly annoying.
P.S. In case you’re wondering about my three steps to serenity… I don’t completely ignore my reminders just yet.
6:00 a.m. – eat some thing healthy… This is going well, the reminder is a nice little nudge to have some yogurt or oatmeal with fruit instead of just bread or cereal.
7:00 a.m. – exercise or meditate. Let’s see, I have exercised once every two weeks so that’s slow going. And I have meditated exactly zero times. I even joined the free meditation series going on now with Oprah & Deepak. It started Monday, I’ll catch up. (Sure you will)
8:00 a.m. – time for myself. I actually do this every night after the kids have gone to bed, I have a glass of wine and read while my husband watches something on TV or catches up on news.
I have set other reminders too… Every Sunday my phone tells me to pull down a new recipe and try something new this week – I ignore it. And each weekend it says to me what are you going to do with the kids this week – camp obviously! Every night the very same phone asks me what book I read with Emily today (she’s almost five) … I don’t answer it but we read every night and when there is no more camp, I know we will read every morning together as well because we both love to read. ❤️😉 On that note: I’m off.

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