Life Repeats Itself


Let’s see… Christmas was lovely. New Year’s was pleasant. The Carnival season was extremely fun – as always. And my trip to NY was simply perfect. Great, we are all caught up.

Last night I was going to write in my journal about my frustrations (also known as my kids!). Instead, I decided to read some earlier entries. In February of 2013, I wrote about the very same thoughts I have today. Three years later and what has changed? Well there is another child in the mix and my mom is not around to hear my complaints.

I still don’t meditate. I have not started back yoga. Even running is not as enticing as it used to be. Also, I’m not writing much (sad face emoji). Hmmmm… this is a systemic issue. These are all within my control and yet years later I still struggle with a short temper and a wardrobe 1/2 size too small.  Eye opening.

This is not something I would normally talk about ON MY BLOG. I’m not trying to send out negative vibes though. Quite the opposite. I always usually send out love and optimism so I’m hoping this will act as a boomerang and get me back on the right track. Only I can do that for myself, but if I send this message out to the world, shame on me if in three years I’m saying the same things all over again.

Here’s to the journey on this windy road we call life. Don’t go around in circles – “Look kids, Big Ben.” Go forward and love where you’ve been.







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