Is it summer yet?

Staying up a little later than I should to finish a cute little book… probably not the wisest choice, but summer is almost upon us and I seem to have the same end of year restlessness my kids have. Getting through the last weeks of school days is exciting and exhausting. For everyone.


My daughter, who will be six in August, is the cause of much of my exasperation on a daily basis. Yet, of course, she’s my little princess and I love spending time with her (when she’s not getting on like a lunatic). She was very specific about which camps she wanted to go to this summer so she will be busy with those for half the summer. While I know she will enjoy her camp time immensely, there is a part of me that yearns for her to be home with me doing fun mother-daughter things each day. But the reality is, with a 14 month old and a 12 year old boy in the house, she doesn’t get my full attention. (Which is usually what puts her into screeching mode!) So she’ll have camp in the mornings, and family/friends in the afternoons, and me at night… holding my little angel close to me. And never letting go.

Here’s to you and your angels. Happy Summer.






One thought on “Is it summer yet?

  1. Adrienne, It’s funny that you write this, because I feel Lucas is going through the same thing. I’ve noticed that over the last few months, maybe because school is too tiring or because I’m not paying much attention to him (Oli gets most of it because I’m struggling to get him to study), that he has become quick to anger and cry. He has become a whiner, where before he was not. It makes me sad cause I don’t want him to fall into the middle child stereotype, but I feel that he is at this time. Anyway, we can only try our best. xo Keep up the posts.

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