To fetch a pail of water…

No water for over a week. We are using pool water to flush the toilets. And showering over by my mother in law. We have bottled water to drink and each bathroom has a cup or bowl of water for brushing teeth, washing hands and face. My house is in disarray with laundry piling up and coolers full of water we brought from said MiL to wash dishes. The water situation is one of the cons of living here. Yet…

When water is flowing through the main again, our tanks will fill and life will resume as normal. So many people in this country do not even have water tanks. When water is shut off for days, they have no reserve. They bathe with a bucket of water… They cannot afford bottled water, do not have a pool, and their families are in the same predicament. 
Luxury of bottled water. Proximity of family. Convenience of a pool. Things we normally take for granted even when we say we are thankful for our blessings…

Having a bad day? Sometimes it takes a bad day to realize how good you’ve got it. 



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