All about … me!


This is me. Obviously.

Hi! I’m a mom of two living in Trinidad. I’ve been happily married since September, 2008.  My marriage is what brought me to Trinidad (and Peru).  I used to work at Expeditors International as a Customs Brokerage & Import Compliance Manager.  I’m originally from NY but I have also lived in L.A., Washington D.C. and Lima, Peru.

I recently started working (very) part time for local fashion designer – who happens to be a good friend.  It’s the industry I went to school for – F.I.T. – and it’s super flexible. Great for now.

I love to blog and share photos (rarely on FB) because so many of my friends and family members are so far away.  It keeps us just a little bit closer.

The Road to 40.

Why wait for 40 (or 50!) for a midlife crisis. I figure let me get mine out of the way early. I’m almost 38 and I’ve been at a crossroads in life. A lot has happened in the last year, and a lot hasn’t. It’s time to remember, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

September 21, 2014: Yep I sure am!  38 and pregnant!  My road to 40 Just. Got. Interesting.

March 2017: Well I’m not in my road to 40 anymore! Celebrated that milestone last year and now on to the rest of life. The pregnancy I mentioned? A little boy, almost two now. 💖



3 thoughts on “All about … me!

  1. Bravo! I think we all experience a series of mid- life “crises” as we proceed with our lives. Each time we discover a new facet about ourselves we go through an epiphany of personal change and self acceptance. Society mistakenly places this personal crisis in a certain age bracket. I guess this approach justifies the reaction that so many people have to reaching a mid life stage of existence. Be happy that you are calling the shots for yourself and not letting society dictate to you when your own life changes will occur. Thanks for sharing your story.

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