Beware the Ides of March.

Some days I feel like life has stabbed me in the back.

I consider myself a decent person. I’m kind. I care. I’m a good friend and I’m trying my hardest to instill a sense of morality in our three kids (two of my own and one step.)

And yet there are days when it’s like karma is getting back at me for being horrible! I just want to look up to the heavens and scream….WHY?! WTF. (You know you have them too.)

These are the days when…

Every little thing gets under my skin. I tell my husband not to yell at the children over crumbs (even though he literally just vacuumed the previous crumbs) and thirty minutes later I’m screaming at my daughter for blankets and pillows on the floor again and why did she pull out the very blankets that I keep telling her NOT TO PLAY WITH!!!!

Days like this… when Lego is the bane of my existence, when I want to throw things, breakable things (I don’t, although my mom used to, so I guess I’m one step ahead of my genes), when it’s really best not to speak to me (if you are related to me), when I’m just at my wits end – if I hear “maaaammmmmaaaaaaa!” one more time…. I just want to shut off from the world and reboot. With three kids, that’s near impossible.

As is the norm, these are also the days, that at the end of it all, my reprieve, my restart button, my peace, is the last hug(s) of the day. The ones from my kids. (My hubby is great for soothing hugs too but my toddler sleeps between us sooooo… I don’t get those as much 😉 .) The gentleness of their sleepy snuggles, makes the day’s silly frustrations ebb away. And in those moments I get to realize all over again, just how blessed and fortunate I am.

And then I know, life had my back all the time. 😉
Wishing you all the same joy and blessings and more.



Nine Days

Meet Logan Godfrey.  He is nine days old – the final piece to our puzzle we call family.

On April 25, 2015, we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy, baby boy.  He’s calm like his daddy and too sweet for words.

I now have so much more to write about and much less time to do so.  I’ll just start from the beginning…

The Friday night before Logan was born, we dropped off our two kids by their granny and I created a text group to keep friends & family informed the next day.  On Saturday, we woke early and headed to the hospital, we were inducing labor and I was eager to meet this little guy.  I had been induced with my daughter (no epidural then either) so I had an idea of what to expect.  What I did not anticipate was how the chat group would turn out.  I had given everyone an out – I said no offense would be taken if anyone left the group – I know multiple updates can get annoying sometimes.  No one left.  In fact, it became an entity of its own.  The amount of encouragement and love that flowed through the messages was incredible. Long after I was unable to text due to the intensity of the contractions and then delivery, (my sisters-in-law provided the updates) the messages continued. It (of course) brought me to tears. I took the time to read each message that night and revel in the remarkable people in my life.  I’m glad they were part of the journey, near or far, and I feel so honored to call them my friends & family.  Positive energy like that could truly change the world.

Our daughter is four & a half and trying to find where she fits in to our family now.  No longer the “baby” in the family, she is trying to fill her big sister role but still vying for our attention.  As we do our best to ease her through this phase, I can only hope  she feels and knows the immense love we have for her.  She is still my little star.

Our oldest son (now eleven) is already a great help.  After a few rocky days, he now seems to know when we need assistance, what to assist with, and how not to fight with his little sister over his little brother (though I’m not sure how long the last part will continue).

The first week after childbirth is tiring, emotional, painful, to name just a few.  To add to the challenge we had no electricity for much of the first two days home with Logan – fun. Yet, none of it matters when you look at your new bundle in your arms.  The love is inexplicable.  Each moment a treasure.

Joy, happiness, bliss.