Me and my Petty little problems…

Please excuse the obscene language. (It’s just one word.)

If you can’t laugh with your family, friends and yourself, life is dull. Laughter is such an incredible remedy for so many emotionally down moments. And I love to laugh. Out loud, and without pretense. Uninhibited deep guttural laughing. Or sometimes just a little hehe works too.

But that’s not actually what this is about.

I had a lovely, light-hearted conversation with a friend yesterday (it involved lots of laughter, surprise!) and it got me thinking of how awesome it feels to speak without worry of being judged. And how great to is to vent about the stupid shit that doesn’t matter tomorrow (and the important stuff that always matters), knowing that the listener doesn’t think you are foolish and ungrateful.

I know some pretty f**king amazing women. From the woman who gave me life and her mother and sister who helped raise me, to the girlfriends and colleagues I’ve met along the way in these 40 years, there are a multitude of fantastic beings I get to call friend. Some bonds are stronger than others but all are important to me. And today seemed like a great day to share how very blessed I feel knowing these women and having these relationships.

Some are trying to improve this great world, one student at a time. Some have taken on the challenging role of motherhood. Some just have kind words to share or time to listen. All have a meaningful place. So thank you. For being…well, YOU. I love you.


The next generation…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I couldn’t let this day go by without a little shout out to my girls.
Of course there are great men in my life too, but today isn’t about you fellas.  =)